Assistance Information

United Ministries can help families in a financial crisis pay their past due rent, mortgage, or utility bills. We offer financial assistance as funds are available.

Priorities for Assistance

Our priorities for assistance are that you:

  • Have a child 18 years old or younger living with you
  • Show proof of your financial crisis
  • Be able to support yourself in the near future
  • Have not previously received assistance from United Ministries on three or more occasions

A UM client recently wrote:

“Thanks to United Ministries, I now believe that some people in this world really care and understand … and it is okay to ask for help and some people will not look down on you, but will catch you to keep you from falling.”

To apply for assistance, simply request an interview to discuss and provide proof of your need. To apply:

Our telephone lines stay busy, but we do our best to get back to you within 24 hours.

What to Upload in the system

Required documentation

  • Picture ID (for all of the adults in the household)
  • Birth Certificates (for all of the children in the household)
  • Social Security Cards (for all members of the household)
  • Current Lease/Contract/Mortgage Note
  • Eviction/3-day notice (if seeking rental or mortgage assistance)
  • Current Utility Bills w/ past due amounts
  • Pay Stubs (most current; past pay stubs if recently unemployed)
  • Unemployment (if applicable)
  • Crisis Verification (this will vary with each family, depending on the crisis. Examples include: hospital/medical bills if medical crisis; unexpected expenses such as car repair bills; proof of termination of employment, loss of work hours, etc. Crisis verification can be discussed with your telephone intake counselor to confirm the documents required)
  • Food Stamps Statement (if receiving food stamps)
  • Childcare Statement (if applicable)
  • SSI/SSDI Statement (if applicable)