What We Do

United Ministries helps families in need of financial assistance for rent, mortgage, or utilities.

What We Do on a Daily Basis

The United Ministries office is open to serve clients Monday through Thursday, from 9 a.m.–12:00 p.m. Volunteers from area churches welcome families in crisis into the doors of our office, or connect with them by phone if client families are unable to get to the office. The following is an example of what a family might experience when they contact United Ministries.

Helping Families

If a family is experiencing a crisis and finds that they are in need of financial assistance for rent, mortgage, or utility needs, they can call the United Ministries client line to talk with someone about their crisis. Applications take place online and open each Monday morning at 8am. Trained phone intake volunteers share about the application process with client families and provide further community resources when needed. If a client family does not have access or capacity to apply online, they are encouraged to come to the office to fill out an application. Staff and volunteers look for opportunities to gather information from the family in an effort to learn as much as possible about the situation. United Ministries primarily serves families with dependent children in financial crisis who are at risk of homelessness by providing financial assistance and engaging in community partnerships to promote stability. We do so in such a way as to offer hope, encouragement and spiritual support, operating as an agent of grace in the world.

It is the hope of all affiliated with United Ministries that families who call into our client line or walk into our doors, will be able to feel this sense of hope and encouragement even from the moment they first contact the office.

What to Expect During a United Ministries Appointment

Once the phone intake volunteer determines whether or not the family meets basic priorities for an appointment with United Ministries, an appointment is typically made for the following day. The family is asked to bring in verification of their crisis, along with a few other items that help the United Ministries prepare for ways to best assist clients.

The client then comes into the United Ministries office the following day and is greeted at the door. We make great efforts to keep the office warm and inviting so that families will feel comfortable and safe when they come for an appointment. Upon arrival, the family and the front desk volunteer go over basic paperwork and efforts are made to contact landlords and/or utility providers to verify the exact amount of financial need.

Once the client is checked in, they await their appointment. During their time with volunteers and staff, families typically receive at minimum, some basic financial and budget counseling and a chance to simply talk and release some of the anxiety that comes with a crisis. As the assistance counselor talks with the family in crisis, they determine what United Ministries will be able to do in assisting with the financial needs. The assistance counselor also offers the family a chance to simply speak and unload their burdens and stress. The importance of this faithful act of listening cannot be overemphasized. Further, as the assistance counselor listens, they are making notes of other forms of community support.

For example, if a person is looking for work, we refer them to community resources that can help and we always share job postings of which we are aware. If a person is interested in education, we direct them to additional community resources such as George Stone or Pensacola State College. If a person is looking for more counseling, we attempt to connect them with great groups like Lakeview. If a person is paying a high amount of rent, we might offer them information about Habitat for Humanity and encourage them to pursue the stability of homeownership through a great program like Habitat. 

​There are so many generous and dynamic programs in our community and we want to connect people with the great resources available in this community. In attempting to help families in crisis, we have come to understand that, initially, meeting the immediate needs of the family is very important — this is the financial assistance piece. But it cannot stop there. Families in crisis often are dealing with more than one barrier and often it is the overwhelming nature of everything combined that can be so debilitating. Once a basic need is taken care of, a family can put all of their focus and energy on the next step or challenge they face. At United Ministries, families in crisis find volunteers who care about them and who want to help them transform their difficult situation into something better, more hopeful, healthy and sustainable.

Loving God… Loving Neighbor… offering hope, healing, and empowerment… creating holy space for hospitality and transformation for all…making a difference, one family at a time...

This is the call of all who serve through United Ministries!